Massage?   Music?  Yoga?   Sensory Play?  Heuristic Play?

At Little Beans classes, you don’t have to choose, because my classes are a unique, mindfully created, blend of all these wonderful things.

I promise you that I will always place your little bean’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical and linguisitic development at the very heart of everything I create so you can relax, experience and enjoy precious times together

Why I’ll always love music

I love music because it makes my heart sing, my toes tap and it makes me smile

I love music because it is the most useful yet often under-valued by many, tool in my early years teaching repertoire and it’s incredible impact on all our emotional well-being.

Music makes little beans into natural, intuitive singers and dancers, responding eloquently to complex rhythms and they know if it makes them feel happy or sad

At some point many of us suppress these feelings/abilities.  We feel embarrassed by the emotions that music provokes and we believe the narrative that we can’t all sing, we can’t all dance.

In my world that is simply not true.  Music is vital to all our emotional well being and ongoing mental health.  As we sing, the body naturally produces feel good endorphins so the world seems sparklier, brighter and the deeper breathing boosts our immune systems, so what are you waiting for?  Just listen to your heart and sing

Why I love Baby Massage classes

I love Baby Massage, I am sad that it hadn’t been introduced to the UK when my babies were little.  It would have transformed my early mummy days and helped me move out of the dark PND days so much quicker.

I love watching babies and mummies fall deeper in love through gentle, positive touch, it really helps with bonding, and I am fascinated and in awe of the health benefits for little beans as it can really help with ♥  Teething ♥ Constipation ♥ Colic  ♥ Digestive issues 

I love that my baby massage classes are kind, gentle, relaxed,inclusive spaces that smell fantastic, and where we enjoy a hot drink (obviously a lidded cup) together and chat

I also love that I get positively giddy on all the Oxytocin (the love hormone) that is created. 

Love really is all around us



You know your baby better than anyone else and you know what sort of class you would like to be part of.

I love and am very proud that I am able to offer a wide range of classes at Little Beans and I really believe there is something for everyone.

I promise you that every single activity has been purposely chosen as the best way of supporting a specific element of your little bean’s development, be it cognitive, physical, emotional, social, creative or linguistic and classes support the EYFS.

I’ve identified age ranges just for guidance only as every little bean is unique and develops at their own pace.

If you aren’t sure which is the class for you, please, just ask

Baby Massage & Nurture

6 weeks – too wriggly

Your baby’s first class .In this classes you will learn how to massage your baby from top to toe plus specific massage strokes to help your baby with constipation, teething, coughs and colds using a combination of Swedish and traditional Indian massage techniques.

This class is a time for you to bond and connect with your baby, relax with a cuppa and meet other new mummies and babies.  Class sizes are always kept small and it is baby led.

Included in this class are is a bottle of Tiddley Pom organic massage oil, beautiful At Home materials, refreshments, membership of closed facebook/whatsapp groups, access to my Tree Babies nature class and other little goodies



12 weeks – too wriggly

Baby Yoga combines gentle stretches, yoga inspired moves, song, relaxations and play.  It will help to strengthen your baby’s bones & muscle tone plus help him/her develop coordination and sensory-motor skills.

The class also includes gentle postnatal stretches and mummy relax time designed to give you some self-care and nurturing that you deserve. 

This class is accessible to all, it’s not just for bendy wendys.  Wear what you feel comfy in, lycra is definitely not compulsory!

Included in this class are  refreshments, membership of closed facebook/whatsapp groups, access to my Tree Babies nature class and other little goodies



8 weeks – confidently sitting

This Stage 1 development class is a gentle, nurturing time for tiny babies and new mummies.  It combines elements of all my favourite things, music, baby massage, sensory play and baby yoga, to create a class that is relaxed, full of happiness and creativity.

This multi sensory class is stimulating but never over stimulating.  It is a time to sing, play peek a boo, watch bubbles, dance, listen and have a snuggly cuddle with your baby.

Included in this class are is a bottle of Tiddley Pom organic massage oil, beautiful At Home materials, refreshments, membership of closed facebook/whatsapp groups, access to my Tree Babies nature class and other little goodies


Confidently sitting – early crawling

This Stage 2 Development class is for curious little wriggly babies who are just not able to stay still and refuse to lie down anymore and are increasingly mobile and curious

This relaxed and fun class combines music, baby yoga, heuristic and sensory play and story massage.   It is jammed packed full of happiness, stretches, bounces, rolls, dances and wriggles as little beans explore their world, develop both their gross and fine motor skills, chatter,chatter happily away before enjoying a lovely snuggle together

Included in this class are beautiful At Home materials, refreshments, membership of closed facebook/whatsapp groups and access to my Tree Babies nature class and other little goodies


6 months – 4 years

This Stage 3 Development class is multi age & has a really joyful, high energy, family vibe

It combines music, sensory play, movement, story massage and mindfulness.  It is crammed full of colour, energy and Tilly, Sam, Bertie and Poppy bean take it in turns to leap out of the bag

We all sing together, explore instruments and move (the more you sing and wriggle, the more your little bean will)

Family Beans is a high energy, little moment of happiness in your busy week.  A break from the stresses of day to day parenting and a time just for fun


Baby wearing outdoor class

Tree Babies is a very different ‘baby group’ – it is a gentle and mindful experience for you and your baby in nature.

It is a time to connect with your baby, with your community and with nature, a time where nothing has to be done, nothing has to be achieved, it is a time for you to be just you, surrounded by the magic of mother nature

Babies must be worn in carriers or slings and is not suitable for toddling/walking little beans.

It is only available to families booked into another Little Beans class & is free to access


Daddy Beans

Age range differs according to class

Pop up Saturday morning workshops for Daddies and little beans from 8 weeks + (age range depends on class type).
These sessions are very relaxed and a perfect way from Daddies to spend some lovely one on one time with their little beans


Age range depends on the event type

Throughout the year, look out for one off sessions celebrating a little bean’s ‘first’ seasonal event.  Full of music, massage, sensory play and even a little photo shoot area for you to take a picture of your little bean.


8 weeks +

Colic is horrible for both your little baby and you.  In this workshop, I’ll share colic busting tips, using both baby massage and baby yoga techniques which might help to alleviate the conditions


6 months – 2 years

Free flowing, play inspired by Montessori methodology. Explorer Beans is designed to stimulate all the senses so expect to get messy as little beans explore, at their pace, natural, smooth, real, soft, lumpy, fluffy ‘stuff

Tree Mummies to be

Expectant mummies

Exploring and enjoying mindfulness surrounded by the magic of mother nature outside in the woods.   Create a nature mandala, take time for you and meet other expectant mummies over a hot cuppa


8 weeks – too wriggly

A 30 minute session just for you and your baby focusing on sharing massage techniques to help alleviate a specific problem eg teething, constipation