Let’s talk about Me,

I’m the owner of Little Beans and I’m a very proud mum of two, amazing, beautiful boys.

I’m an experienced Primary School teacher and I love to sing and play.  I’m passionate about everything Early Years and I can’t wait to share all my skills, talents, knowledge, experience and love of Little Beans classes with you.

I promise that I will always put my heart, soul and love into creating the most amazing development classes for your little bean that I possibly can.

Just like you, I want to inspire and support your little bean in reaching cognitive, emotional, social, physical and linguistic goals and all my classes are planned in line with the EYFS

My classes are welcoming, inclusive, relaxed and little bean led so you can relax and see to their needs just as you would at home without worrying that you have disturbed a class or being judged.

Little Beans classes are places to relax, meet other like minded parents and enjoy precious time with your little bean in a world that supports, loves and nurtures you both


Let’s talk about you,

Whether you are a brand new parent or you are a proud parent of many little beans, I have the perfect class for you and a warm,  welcome is guaranteed.

As a mum of 2, I know that you want the very best for your baby which is why all my development classes are carefully planned following EYFS guidelines,  to encourage and support your little bean achieve his/her developmental milestones.

I also know that you want to make the most of your maternity leave, find a place that will nod in recognition when you talk about poo or lack of sleep and won’t judge you if you are wearing your shirt inside out.  Believe me, we’ve all done that!

I also know that you want to try lots of different experiences with your little bean, but you’ve only got so much time and money, which is why I choose to expertly combine my talents, training and experience in music, baby massage, heuristic and sensory play and baby yoga altogether to create classes where you can experience, enjoy and benefit from everything.

My goal is to have a class that is perfect for you both from 8 weeks – 4 years!

I love my ‘job’ and nothing makes me happier or prouder than watching a tired, new mama grow into being a relaxed, confident mummy.  So why not come and escape the pressure of day to day parenting with me?

Let’s laugh, stretch, sing, tickle, wriggle, giggle and relax together.

Together we’ll make some precious memories of these amazing early years