Nurturing, Inspiring, Enriching 

Having a baby is a life changing event, and regardless of whether it is your first baby or not, life will never be same again.

Little Beans is here to support, nurture and inspire you with amazing baby and toddler development classes around Lincoln and Sleaford, while you love, nurture and support your little bean in those crucial first years him/her to achieve their own unique potential.

Little Beans classes will enrich your days together with gorgeous, unique classes which are full of music, glow, sensory and heuristic play and inspire you with ideas to enjoy together all week long at home

At Little Beans, you and your little bean are at the very heart of everything we do.

At Little Beans, I believe it is essential that all my classes are not just planned and created to ensure every little bean achieves his/her full developmental potential but that they are places where parents are equally nurtured, supported, treasured, so that is exactly what I do.

Parenthood can be challenging, especially following a pandemic.  Maternal rates of Post Natal Depression have tripled since March 2020 and anxiety levels are at an all time high for both mums and dads.   Scientific research repeatedly emphasises the importance of maternal emotional wellbeing and a strong mother/baby bond to infant mental health.  My classes are time to just be with your little bean, away from day to day stresses and will help you navigate your way through parenthood and make the most of your maternity leave surrounded by like minded people.  

We sing because it not only boosts your immune system but creates and releases the feel good endorphin, Serotonin, which as it rushes around your body, quickly makes everything seem just that little bit brighter.  We experience loving, gentle touch because as you touch your baby, this  skin to skin contact releases the love hormone, Oxytocin and reduces stress levels in you both.   But Little Beans is proud to be ‘not just singing’, hard to define or describe.  I offer baby development classes that are a skillful and unique blend of music, loving, positive touch, gentle, sensory experiences and developmental opportunities.    

The world of Little Beans is joyful, sensory rich, friendly, inclusive and classes can be found in South Lincolnshire, in light filled, airy halls in Leasingham and Lincoln,easily within reach of Lincoln, Grantham and Sleaford and all the halls we use have baby changing facilities and free carparking, 

Classes where friendships and communities are built, one note, one touch, one stretch, one smile at a time.

Welcome to my world of little beans

I’m an experienced Primary School teacher and I have two beautiful, amazing children.  I’m Lincolnshire born and bred and proud to be an independent, one woman business based in South Lincolnshire and my classes can be found in Leasingham, (just outside Sleaford) and Lincoln.

Little Beans may have changed it’s Chief from Elizabeth to me but Little Beans is still Little Beans.  I’ve got so much I want to do to make it even more wonderful and I can’t wait to share my wealth of knowledge , love, creativity, lived experiences and talents with you

Love Debra x

Lovely relaxing enjoyable sessions that are a pleasure for parents and little ones alike. Very welcoming and inclusive to all.  

Alison, proud mum of two

Honestly little beans has been amazing for me and my little girl. We  go to Discovery Beans, the themes are great and she loves interacting with other babies and playing with the props. It’s been so nice to meet other mummies also. The classes are so welcoming, kind and amazing at what they do 💗 would highly recommend 💗
Anna, proud first time mummy

Little Beans Baby Classes were in all honesty a saviour during my maternity leave. After moving to a new area with no support network around. I found myself lost.  Each week we looked forward to classes. Thank you for being a support network in a dark time.  Our photos will be forever adored and will remind me us of a special time.

Kerrie, first time mummy






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